All About Me

My name is Michael and I am 14 years old

My Hometown

I was born in Verplanck, a small town just off the Hudson river in New York. Verplanck has a lot of history behind it, because during the revolutionary war George Washington stayed in the surrounding area. One of the homes he visited is still in town. Fort Lafayette was located across the street from our house. When the British were invading, they used this fort to shoot cannons at the British naval fleet

My Heritage/Culture

I am Irish/Italian. Both my Mom and Dad are Irish and Italian. The Italian Culture is based off of the roman empire hence the Colosseum and the Leaning tower of Pisa. A delicacy in Italy is horse meat and it is in fact the first meat a newborn baby eats because it is so easy to digest. The Irish culture is based off of the English and the Scottish cultures. A delicacy in Ireland is Irish stew. It is what the peasants used to make and it contains lamb or mutton, onions, and a helping of potatoes.

My favorite Foods, my favorite place, and my favorite quote

My favorite foods are Chinese food and Italian food. My favorite place is Italy. My favorite quote is "I'm not Special I'm just limited edition".

My Pet Peeve

My Biggest Pet Peeve is when people walk really slow, it's like HURRY UP DUUDDEE YOU'RE A HUMAN BEING NOT A TURTLE SO PICK UP THE PACE. Trust me going from a fast moving area to a slow paced area is pretty hard because you get used to that fast movement but here in Texas people walk extremely slow, in New York people are born track stars because you could be rushing to catch the subway or maybe you're late for a meeting so you rush but here its the complete opposite.

My reason for joining the Acedemy

Well I joined the Culinary academy because I love cooking. I have always loved making food for my family and I hope to expand my horizon in the culinary world. My grandfather owned his own catering business with my Uncle so cooking runs in the family. My grandfather was also the reason why I joined the academy because he inspired me to do so.
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