Team 13 Weekly

November 14, 2014

Good Day, Sunshine!

We have been exploring and learning about the sun. We have made class sundials, and our own individual sundials (although we need a good, sunny day to collect accurate data), and explored the length of our shawdows at different times of the day. When are they longest? As the opportunities arise to learn more about a topic, I am encouraging students to explore and research on their own. Each student randomly selected a planet they will research, but learning about the planet is not limited to just school time. The many links Mrs. Malloy and I will share with students can be accessed from home. Students are free to create extension projects as well, and even present what they've learned to the class. Team 13 is ready to Rasie the Bar!

Congratulations To Our Proactive Team 13 Panthers

We had a fun-filled exciting assembly this moring celebrating the many wonderful proactive panthers here at Seylar. We had four recipiants from Team 13, and one "double-paw" panther. This means that the student was awarded a paw from their homeroom teacher and a special area teacher. Keep up the great behavior, Panthers---our newly added focus area will be "Rasing the Bar"...doing our personal best. Remember, this does not mean you have to be the best...just your best self!
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