Peg Kehret

By: Kadence Johnson

As a child, Peg Kehret always loved to write, and while she grew older she wanted to be a veterinarian or a writer. She has been writing since she was a child, but she published her first book in 1979. Peg Kehret has published 53 books so far. She gets her ideas mostly about stuff that has happened to her, such as The Ghosts Grave, the name on the gravestone at the cemetery she has visited is the same one as in the book. Peg's books have won more than 50 state young reader awards.


Just imagine you are a little girl named Bonnie, your little brother Matt left to use the restroom, and mysteriously diapered. As police arrive at the scene a police dog tracks his scent to the curb, where he got in his abductors car. As you are overwhelmed with fear you go home to realize that your dog "Pookie" is missing. Was Pookie a lure to get Matt to go with his abductor? As Bonnie tries to find clues to get her brother back she makes a big mistake to find her brother, and Bonnie gets abducted to. Now Bonnie and Matt must outsmart their abductor, otherwise their abductor could play with they're lives. Will Bonnie and Matt make it out safe and alive, or will they forever be held captive in the hands of their abductor?

Terror at the Zoo

Just think, if you were a little girl named Ellen Streater, and you got the perfect birthday present and its a overnight cam-pout at the zoo, but it sucks for her that she has to take her little brother with her to. Her brother becomes the least of her worries because she figures out that she is locked in the zoo, with a escaping prisoner who is watching their every move. Without anything to help them see, they cant run, they're last chance at surviving is Ellen's science project on communication with animals. Will the animals be able to help them or will it be to late?? Read to find out.

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