IPS Study Guide

4.9- Acidification Lab

Chapter 4 Section 9 and 10 Acid Rain and Global Warming and Drinking Water

sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride create an acidic solution

Carbonic acid dissolves in Carbon Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide -> Acid Rain

- volcanoes

- industrial pollution

- acid rain kills forests, pollutes water, rivers, lakes, ponds etc.

Limestone -> porous, soft (soluble in water because water has carbonic acid), sedimentary, holds a lot of water

aquifer-> water underneath land and also has limestone

Sinkholes occur because:

- a lot of underground limestone

- water underground (aquifer)

- surface once covered with ocean -> sold calcium deposits out of dead animals

Sulfuric Acid

- discovered in 8th century by alchemist "chemistry"

- uses:

+ lead acid batteries (cars)--> only non electric ones

+ fertilizers

+ steel industry -> prevents rust corrosion

+ dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

All drinking water contains slightly toxic substances

desert was once and ocean --> now is aloof of sodium chloride and/or potassium nitrate near surface of earth


Two Gasses Lab

Magnesium Carbonate and Acid

- Carbon Dioxide is a dense gas that sinks

- upright test tube is filled with Carbon Dioxide -> gas cannot escape

- inverted test tube is filled with air because gas escapes

Magnesium and acid

- hydrogen is a light gas that rises

- upright test tube is filled with air because gas escapes "POP"

- inverted test tube is filled with hydrogen -> gas cannot escape

- POP is created because the gas is ignighted and it rushes out of the tube and rubs against gas -> causes friction (sand)

Acidification Lab

Phenol red

- ph indicator

- red- basic

- clear acidic

- used in pools


water turns to carbonic acid after blowing carbon dioxide into water

phenol red changes color as you add carbon dioxide into water

the carbon dioxide turns to carbonic acid and lowers the ph of the water

calcium tablet is more soluble in cup with straw

because the carbonic acid lowers ph and dissolved calcium faster