Andrew Jackson is a Zero

By : Haley Hoffman

Andrew Jackson is without a doubt anything but a hero if you thought anything other than that you won't after Reading this .

Andrew Jackson is a Zero Spoils system, Trail of tears, and the Nullification Crisis

Positive letter

Hello there my name is John Brkich and I am a farmer. (one of the new townspeople in Georgia.) I would just like to thank you for clearing out those dangerous dangerous Indians they had no place living on our land. They kill , they cheat , they lie and are just not at all people (if you even want to call them that) living around my innocent children. Anyway thanks for clearing those guys out. WOOO JACKSON ROCKS!!!!

Negative letter

Uh hello... My name is Bob Johnson. I am one of the Indians that you cleared off the land. I...I learned your language I followed your rules I changed my name my religion my lifestyle i don't know what else you want from me and my family we changed everything and that doesn't mean anything to you ? Anyway most my family is gone now due to that long walk so I hope it was really worth it you making all that money.