In Need of a Babysitter?

Te'a White is the one you want to see!

Hello! I'm Te'a White, and am qualified to take care of your child and/or children!

Let me begin by informing you about my experience. I normally babysit children whose ages vary from 2-8 years old, but am perfectly fine babysitting a 1, or a 10 year old. I don't charge too much, but about $10-$15 is an average of how much I charge for the evening or afternoon. I am 14 years old myself, so transportation is sometimes an issue, but it can be worked around.

Gabriella and Braylen!

The children above are two daughters of two of my clients. They're names are Gabriella Colbert (2 years old) and Braylen Walker (1 years old). Gabriella's mother doesn't live too near to me, but provides transportation of Gabriella to my home. Braylen's mother does happen to live closer too me, which makes it easy and accessible to babysit Braylen. As you can see, both girls are very fun to be around and very silly.


I know that every parent gets a little nervous when a young adult is looking after their child, but not to worry I am perfectly capable of the care taking and safe being of your child. I will make sure they are perfectly safe, fed the proper foods, and in bed on time. I'll keep your child safe, and ensure the both of us will have a great time. As long as your child is in my care I will stay with them at all times. My cell phone will be on me but only in case of emergencies and NOT used as a distraction.

Here's all my contact information!

I hope you'll consider me for your next babysitting job, and please do try and call ahead to schedule a time frame and date you'd like me to babysit.