Norwalk Virus

By Noah Schimanski


Norwalk Virus is not treatable. They can weaken the symptoms, by using antimetics for nausea and vomiting. The illness usally last for two to three days, then it resolves its self. If you are infected its important to stay hydrated. The best way of preventing this illness is too check the fish and meats that they bring to you looking for contamination. Washing your hands is also another good way to prevent any illness. Make sure all of the water you drink has been treated.

Norwalk Virus Backround Information

This disease effects people all around the world. You can get this virus very easily transmitted. Some people may think that they have the "stomach flu." The Norwalk Virus is not at all related to the influensa virus. There are annually over 21 million cases of this virus every year.


The Norwalk Virus is transmitted by exposure to a contaminated food or drink. The virus then goes through your system and then comes out your stool or vomit. Many outbreaks are linked to sick food handlers and contaminated fish.


This virus is easy to spread but serious illnesses rarely occur. The most common symtoms are nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. In some cases diahria will come with the vomiting. Having a fever is not a symptom of this virus. Infected people can recover in a day or two.

How it effects humans

This virus will enter your body, the you will start to vomit and have diarhia. The illness won't bring any fever, but it will bring nausea. This illness will not kill you unless you are dehydrated and are already in bad shape. There are few rare cases that have caused death. Many people will think they have the flu and then it will pass and they will never know they had Nowalk Virus.