Super Apple!!!

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'

An apple that has it all. Double the protein and Dietary fiber.Also extra sweet and extra healthy!

A group of scientific professionals have come together and designed the ultimate Super apple. It is half green, half red. Sweet on the red side and sour on the green side. Super apple has something for everyone. Super apple is double the size of any normal apple and for only $2 each it is simply magnificent. Super apple will not only satisfy you but it will also appeal to your kids with its unique color and and amazing taste. it is proven to be healthier so now you can give your children all the protein and nutrients they need with just one apple a day!

This apple is the new invention that everyone is talking about. Below is a story from one of our many happy consumers.

Consumer Story:

"I first brought the super apple last month. I instantly fell in love. It improved my health from OK to great and surprisingly my kids really enjoyed it as well. Super apple is great and i definitely recommend people to buy it. It really does work and it has amazing effects on you and your life in ways you've never seen before. My family and i eat super apples everyday and we love it. So if you don't have it, i recommend you go buy it now"

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Forget the dieting and exercise. Super apple is the new weight-reduction plan of the future. 9 out of 10 buyers were satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your super apple and start a better lifestyle TODAY!

Super apple is available now in any fruit store.