Adolf Hitler

By Camrin Williams

The beginning

On April 20 1889 Adolf Hitler was born as the fourth child of six, in Austria, Hitler and his family lived in Branaviaminn Austria. But Hitler did not know later in life he would be responsible for over eleven million deaths. When Hitler was only three him and his family moved to Germany. On 1900 Hitler's Little brother died.Hitler's dad did not approve his interest in fine arts rather than business.


Adolf Hitler was started to gain interest in German nationalism. Hitler applied for a fine arts academy twice and got rejected both time. Since Hitler did not have a job, and he could not get into the fine arts academy, Hitler had to go live in a homeless shelter for seven years.

Applieing for War

In 1914 Adolf Hitler applied for World War 1. While Hitler was serving the war he earned the Iron cross for being valor, and the Black Wound Badge by acts of bravery. When Germany surrendered Hitler was shocked and he thought that Germany had been betrayed by Germany's own leaders.

Coming to Power

By July 14, 1933, Hitler made all parties illegal but the Nazi party, the Jews couldn't go outside after nine o'clock then they couldn't go to school. Adolf Hitler continued to serve the army as an intelligence officer. Germany's great depression from World War 1, gave Hitler a chance to run for presidency but he lost both of the rounds. Instead of presidency Hitler got elected as chancellor to promote political balance, and being chancellor made Hitler the head of the government.

The End of Hilter

When Hindenburg died Hitler became head of the state and the government. In 1942 Hitler allied with the Suez canal army. The German army also suffered from the battles of Stalingrad and Kurtis. Bye 1941 Hitler cent 3 million troops to soviet. now Hitler's army was up against the world's largest empire (Britain), the greatest financial power the (U.S), and the largest army the (Soviet Union). April 29 1945 the day that Hitler got married to Eva Bruan, they committed suicide in a bunker because they were afraid of falling into enemy hands. April 30 the bodies were burned. Five days later Germany surrendered, because they didn't have a leader.
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