By: Mustapha Salau

About Me

I'm a dashing young dolphin who is hot blooded. I'm not warm blooded. I'm hot blooded. See the thing about me is that i'm attractive. Like who doesn't like my smooth grey skin? Anyway, I'm amazing. I give live birth to my children. Lets face it, I like fish but giving birth to an egg, well that's not cool. Another thing is that I have fur to keep us warm. Lastly, I'm man who produces milk. I can quench your thirst when your thirsty. Basically, I'm a duffel of dolphin hotness.

About You

Im looking for a goldfish. Like a real gold fish and a colored goldfish. Your name also has to be Nemo because I know I can find you. You should be a cuddle fish because we could then cuddle all day. Anyway, you have to be able to lay millions of eggs. I'm very good with children. You should also be cold blooded, but just so you know, when your with me you'll be very warm blooded.