McCarthyism and The Crucible

The similarities between time

The Crucible

  • A drama written by Authur Miller
  • Written in 1953
  • Based off of The Salem Witch Trials


  • Led by Joseph McCarthy
  • Started in the 1950`s
  • A campaign or practice that endorses the use of unfair allegations & investigations
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Similarities between the two

  • Both caused paranoia

-McCarthyism caused Americans to believe there were communists in the U.S.

-The Crucible showed how people started to believe the idea of witchcraft

  • There was no official proof of either

-Joseph McCarthy never had any evidence of actual communist in the senate

-The accuser never had any way of showing that they witnessed witchcraft

  • Both were merely accusations

-Joseph McCarthy only accused people of communism

- In The Crucible people were accused of witchcraft

  • Both caused mob mentality

-McCarthyism caused fear in the Senate and others accused member out of fear of being accused

-In The Crucible neighbors feared being accused and started accusing others to be safe