Excellon Dealer Management Software

Excellon 5: The Dealer Management Software to Deliver Holistic Customer Experience

An automobile dealership is a complex and dynamic business entity to manage with multiple processes and objectives. In addition to the complexity of business, the new age consumer preferences have also been evolving at a rapid pace and at times it’s hard for the dealership to keep pace with consumer expectations. In essence the level or paradigm of consumer expectations has greatly evolved in the last two decades.

In the highly competitive and dynamic market as the automotive one, the importance of a smart dealer management system cannot be overstated. A smart dealer management systems gives the proprietor much needed control, efficiency and improved performance from each of the varied processes within the organization.

As a proprietor you are concerned with both the demand generation as well as the quality of output. One cannot be a substitute for the other. The dealership ought to generate sufficient enquiries to keep the business profitable while consumers must be offered the kind of service expected to ensure they keep coming back and spread the word around.

Using erstwhile technology and dated systems the management of such vast and complex set of business challenges is bound to be an uphill task. Therefore, it is imperative for automotive businesses to have a smart and intuitive dealer management system at their disposal to automate various processes. This ensures that the tasks are accomplished with much improved accuracy and efficiency. The increased production results in better top-line numbers while efficiency helps lend seamlessness, customer centricity and agility to the organization.

Excellon’s flagship dealer management system has a robust suite of capabilities that caters to a wide range of dealer management solutions, especially from the automotive space. The Excellon 5 dealer management software brings together the varied aspects of customer relationship management, sales & procurement management as well as inventory management and ties them up together in delivering a seamless consumer experience.

Deploying Excellon 5 helps automotive dealers better plan their operations, improve resource allocation and develop contingency measure to decrease their input costs and manage budgets better. The system on the other hand helps drive efficiency to cut down turnaround times, reduce error rates and improve customer delight to boost revenues.

The improvements in customer relationship management drives improved loyalty and provides an additional boost to the business.

About Excellon

Excellon 5 is an end-to-end, next-generation dealer management software that delves into cloud capabilities to deliver a much more robust and on-demand platform. The in-built features come with intuitive capabilities to deliver a great customer experience. For the dealers, it helps improve efficiencies, create better resource management and deliver improving profits for the shareholders. The company is squarely focussed on innovation and excellence with both facets contributing to the continued success.