History of Classification

Beginning to Now

350 BC Aristotle

Divided the organisms into 2 groups: plants and animals.

Divided animals into blood and bloodless.

Divided animals into walking, flying, and swimming

350 BC Theophrastus

Continued Aristotle’s work by classifying plants into trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and herbs.

1570 Andrea Cesalpino

Classified plants by their fruits and seeds

1580 Gaspard Bauhin

Described six thousands species

Grouped them into genus and species

First scientist to use binomial nomenclature in classification of species

1750 Carl (Carolus) Linnaeus

Divided living things into two kingdoms: plants and animals

Divided each kingdom into genera

Divided each genus into species

1969 Thomas Whittaker

Developed the five kingdom system

Divided into animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and protista

1980 Carl Woese

Altered the five kingdoms into three domains: bacteria, archea, and eukaryote