The Scoop

Mrs. Olmer's January Sweetshop Newsfeed

Happy New Year

I hope all the families had a relaxing and fun Christmas Season. Happy New Year to all of you and hope this year will be positive and filled with joy. As we enter a new year we have a lot to think about in order to make it productive. We tend to look at the last year and think, "How can we make it better?" Many of us may set New Year's Resolutions to achieve. As a class we talked about resolutions and we made our own. Instead of a huge endeavor of a resolution, we decided to live the year by one word. In every aspect of our life we will remember this one word. I told them that my one word is patience, because I tend to do everything in a running pace. I need to slow down and enjoy the small things and have patience. It was a really rewarding experience to work with the students on their one word. Please take a few minutes to talk to your child about their One Word. They can also be read at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Math News

Please make sure your child has their multiplication facts memorized. We are beginning long multiplication and division this semester. If your child has not been practicing these over break it may take them hours to do homework. I also may be taking their recess time to get these learned, since many have not used their own time to practice. It is extremely important for 4th grade to know their facts as the skills and concepts get harder, they will struggle with math.

Writing Corner

We only have about two weeks until our State Writing test. Each week we are giving the students a practice writing test to prepare them. Since the test is timed, we feel it is important for the students to know how much time they have to produce a quality piece of writing. It also has been helping to generate memories for State Writing. The students have worked extremely hard and staying focused. I am very proud of them.

Social Studies

This semester we are beginning our studies with the Nebraska Book and learning about explorers of the Midwest. We will do extensive learning on Lewis and Clark and their discoveries.

We will begin our science this semester by learning about matter and the three states it can come in. We will be exploring these states with fun experiments and messiness.

Important Events

January 24th- Family Movie Night

January 27th-31st- State Writing Test

February 3-4- Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7 PM

February 6th- Parent Teacher Conferences 1-4 PM

Book Fair during Conferences

No School February 7th

AR Reading

We are setting new goals for this semester. I will discuss these at conference time. Many of the students are now at a higher ZPD so their goals will be higher. This may require more effort at home to achieve the goal. We continue to have prizes for each points they receive and a school incentive as well. Keep up the hard work!!