Invention Convention

Department of Elementary & Special Education, MTSU

The Invention Convention is an annual competition for public and private school fourth, fifth, and sixth grade children. The overall mission is to provide a fun and unique way for children to engage in divergent thought. The competition requires that the students actually make their inventions using their own creative imaginations. It is hoped that the development of such inventions will help integrate many of the content areas taught in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade curricula.

Children are asked to invent a product from a specific set of conditions in either category: inventions that are games or inventions that will somehow make our lives easier.

Judges are asked to rank their top three choices for each category in each grade level. There will be 3 winners from each category in each grade level.

Winners receive trophies while every child with an invention entry receives a certificate of participation and the featured invention for the convention. Special recognition for sponsors’ favorites, best group invention, best individual invention, and best presentation will also be awarded for each category and grade level. It is our goal that every child leaves MTSU feeling like a winner!

Dr. Tracey Huddleston