Lins' Updates

February 1st - February 5th

Learning about sample size with candy?!

This week the students worked with several different from of graphs, as well launching into adding/subtracting fractions. Part of the data unit involved looking at sample size in a set of data. The students were asked to track data for a set of starbursts they were given, based on color. They had to find percentages and create a circle graph. Then we compared data to see how accurate our sample size of 10 was. We discussed the benefits of looking at a larger section so we combined our groups to look at sample of 100 and the finally looked at the percentage of colors in the entire bag. Last but not least we got a sugary treat to end our math block! The kids did a great job and worked really well together - both in partners and whole group! See below for some pictures! :)

PJ Day, Games, and Buddy Time!

As part of the Quarter 2 PBIS reward for our school, our class got to buddy up with our 2nd grade class to play games, create puzzles, and do computer games for the afternoon on Friday! I was so awesome seeing our 5th graders being such leaders and role models to the little friends.
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Reader's Workshop / Literacy

We launched a new unit talking about renewable resources and sustainable energy options. This week we looked really closely at the use of solar energy in the US and it's benefits to the environment as well as our energy bills. We also focused on out ability to take notes from a video by re-watching, rewinding, and pausing while watching. I was very proud of how well the students worked when they had a chance to try it on their own. It's a great skill to refine and practice as we get ready for middle school!

A Visit from Our Jamaican Traveler!

On Friday our Jamaican traveler stopped in to visit with the kids during lunch. He shared the final video from the 6th graders in Jamaica while also sharing videos and pictures from his trip. Being able to send videos back and forth to a foreign country has been an awesome experience for both classrooms involved!


Valentine's Day Party

Our Valentine's Day Party will be this Friday, February 12th! Thank you to everyone who returned a slip saying they were interested in donating items -- we appreciate you helping out since this is our last 5th grade party!

We will sharing Valentine's during this party but please make sure you child has one for every child in our classroom. A class list has been sent home, but please let me know if you need another. Thanks!

Winter Weather!

Winter weather is here and unless the temperature and wind chill is too severe, or it is raining, students will still be expected to go outside before school and during recess. With that said, please be sure to remind your child to bring coats, gloves, boots, snow pants, hats, etc. so they are prepared to be outside. Hiding out in the bathroom and hallways during these break time is not acceptable! Thank you for your help with this!

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday, February 9th -- Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday February 8th - DARE Starts!

Thursday, February 11th - Purdy Talent Show at 6:30 PM

Friday, February 19th - Early Release!