Plate Tectonics Project

Taylor Daugherty

Continental Drift

The picture on your left is evidence of continental drift.

Continental Drift (2)

The picture on your right is also evidence.

My Statement

I do not believe in the theory of Continental Drift. The main reason is the theory of Pangaea. We now know that the ocean has fresh water streams for fresh water animals (in evidence above). We also know that birds can carry seeds around to various places. It all doesn't add up. The man who came up with the theory died before the real evidence came out. The only thing Alfred Wegener had was that they looked like a puzzle, which is just a coincidence.

Seafloor Spreading

Seafloor Spreading (2)

The picture on the right is more evidence.

Seafloor Statement

I do believe that seafloor spreading is true. With the evidence of young and old rocks and the mid-ocean ridge. This evidence shows that seafloor spreading is a real thing. Just because it is moving so slowly dosnt mean its not true. A magnetic pull reversal only happens once in a great while, its not something that is going to happen over night.

Plate Tectonics

1st piece of evidence is on the right.

Plate Tectonics (2)

Second piece of evidence to the left.

Plate Tectonic Statement

I think Plate Tectonics is a plausible theory. Recently we learned about Convection Currents, which are said to move the plates at a whopping rate of 2cm per year. We also learned about the different plates, ant the boundarys in between them (pictured above). Another item is the layers of the crust (pictured above). It is believed that the plate float on the asthenosphere.

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