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December 8, 2016

when the wonder of the good news makes all else go silent

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown! —Linus van Pelt If you are like me, you grew with the tradition of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas during Christmas season—that, along with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and It’s a Wonderful Life. I loved those shows and couldn’t wait to watch them when December came around.

That word wait is important. This same season is known as Advent, which means “coming” in Latin—adventus. As we believers wait for His coming (both His coming again and the commemoration of the waiting for Jesus’ birth), we have an even more compelling anticipation for the wonder Christ will bring: hope for the world!

What I love about the story A Charlie Brown Christmas is how the plot develops, building momentum for the climax when Linus quotes Luke 2. Every year, I waited with great anticipation as the plot thickened and the story unfolded. Then, Linus, probably the youngest of the cast, shares the great wisdom of Jesus coming: His advent! For Jesus came to bring us “tidings of great joy” (Luke 2:10, KJV). The hope of the world rested in this child Jesus.

The beauty of this artistic production is that this great news is so overwhelming that everything else goes silent as Linus shares. The news is so fantastic that the angels burst forth in praise sharing what has happened. The anticipation of Advent is that Jesus has come and is coming. He is the hope of our world. Nothing else even compares.

Why Charlie Brown? Why Linus? Because this story for me is both a wonderful inspiration and an opportunity to share this awesome news with those around me. It’s so easy to talk about A Charlie Brown Christmas with my family, friends, and those I pass by. For my generation, it’s very familiar and opens the doors for the telling of Jesus’ great story.

How about you? As we celebrate Jesus’ coming and long for His return, what’s your story? What inspires you so much that you, like Linus, must share the hope of the world? We have “tidings of great joy” that are worthy of the angels’ praise! Join me in sharing their great news this year. –

Joe Handley

End of Semester Tasks - To do on Friday, December 16

Important Dates

Dec. 12: 3rd set of comments due, 8 AM

Dec. 12: SMT Christmas Buffet

Dec. 13: 4th set of comments due, 8 AM

Dec. 14: 5th set of comments due, 8 AM

Dec. 15: Grades verified by 5 PM

Dec. 15: Last day of school; 11:00 Awards; 12:30 dismissal

Dec. 16: Last staff work day; Christmas party

Jan. 8: Staff Community and Worship Time

Jan. 9-10: Staff Meetings

Jan. 11: Orientation

Jan. 12: First Day of School

Jan. 13: MS Retreat

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