What Are Children Learning....

When They Play Outside?

What Are Children Really Experiencing When They Are Playing Outside?

When children are playing outside, they are experiencing and learning different things. Some of the things that they are doing could include:

  • Playing in the dirt
  • Running around playing tag with their siblings or friends
  • Playing with a basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball, etc

When I Play Outside, I Learn About Bugs, Plants, & Other Insects.

When the child(ren) are playing outside, the activity is structured. The benefit would be that they are learning different things like: Colors, Insects, etc.

The activity consists of:

  1. Motor Play: Looking for different insects and bugs
  2. Expressive: Playing with their siblings or friends help them find out who they really are
  3. Fantasy Play: When they are playing outside there are many ways for them to "pretend", there are many different possibilities.

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