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December 3, 2021

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Monday, December 6:

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Friday, December 10:

  • Holiday Assembly - 3A/3B Bell Schedule
  • CPH Vaccine Clinic 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm, AUX Gym
  • Cardinal Theatre Production of 1776 - 8:00 pm

Dear Cardinal Family,

No, it's not just you.

When the Michigan school shooting incident made the news, what happens in a school is a lot like what happens in a home. There is an immediate sadness and instant reminder that this tragedy could happen anywhere at any time. We immediately begin taking inventory and asking ourselves, "What would I do?" as we run through all the what-ifs.

There is a heightened alert. There is a reminder that we all play an important role in combating and deterring school violence.

Almost every week, I ask you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. It is our responsibility to work together in this effort to keep us all safe. Please, if you see something, say something.

Have a great weekend and Go Cards!


Pete Scully


Thomas Worthington High School

**New Announcements This Week**

  • TWHS November Cardinals of the Month
  • Attention Seniors: Apply for the Diploma of Distinction
  • PTSO Online Auction
  • Team Worthington Food Drive
  • Seniors: Last Chance to Have Senior Photos Taken by Lifetouch
  • Worthington Robotics Team Dine Out Fundraiser
  • Parents - Please Review Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures
  • Parents - Please Review the Attendance Philosophy and Procedure


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What The Teachers are Saying

Kieran Bakunas was nominated by Mr. Derek Scoles for “building relationships and showing respect”. He wrote:

  • Kieran is a thoughtful individual who seeks out ways to improve someone’s day. Kieran is a great friend to all peers

Malachi Binder was nominated by Mrs. Kendra Prindle for “being responsible”. She wrote:

  • Malachai consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of him in class, even working on additional assignments outside of class to improve. I am so proud of how hard he is working and I am seeing huge improvements in his skills!

Audrey Wingerter was nominated by Mrs. Laurie Barr for “building relationships”. She wrote:

  • Audrey is a joy to have in class. She is a natural leader and teacher to all peers. Some students had trouble with Naviance and Audrey gave multiple students a tutorial on resumes and Naviance so those that wanted to go to college could meet the Nov. 1 deadline. She also helps peers stay on task with daily work and she encourages them to finish their work. Audrey is often telling students near her, "I know you can do this," or "we studied for this together, I know you are going to rock this test." Audrey has a fun personality and really helps students as a peer leader.

Jeff Mo was nominated by Mr. Todd Keenan for “being responsible and showing respect.” He wrote:

  • Jeff is a very responsible member of our school community. Jeff has nearly perfect attendance, strong grades, and is working hard. However, I am most impressed with simple acts of responsibility that Jeff does. For example, he helps in the gym when it is time to turn the basketballs in by rolling them my way. This small act makes a big difference and I appreciate it. Keep representing our school in a positive way Jeff!

Ellie Streno was nominated by Mrs. Arden Albright for “building relationships.” She wrote:

  • Ellie is a bright and incredibly kind student. Recently, one of Ellie's team members was having a particularly rough day. Ellie recognized this, asked the other student if she needed help, and then moved to sit next to that student to reteach what the student missed. Ellie even stayed after class to finish with the student without hesitation when I asked. It was awesome to see such kindness- Ellie is an awesome girl and a bright light in our class!!!

Alpha Barry was nominated by Mrs. Abigail Jarvis for “being responsible and showing respect”. She wrote:

  • Alpha works so hard--he doesn't just complete the expected class work and assignments, but he does additional work as well. He is not completing work just to get it done, but he has a genuine desire to learn and understand what is being taught. He is so respectful and he is a great team player. I am so grateful to have him as a student!

Braleena Pickens was nominated by Mrs. Jennifer Gledhill for “building relationships”. She wrote:

  • Braleena is level-headed, kind, and non-judgemental toward others. While Braleena has always been a paragon peer by achieving in the academic realm, she proved to also be a wonderful friend.

Nghi-Ahn Hoang was nominated by Mrs. Erika Harman for “building relationships”. She wrote:

  • We got a new student on Monday and Niana was immediately inclusive and welcoming. She is a wonderful student and peer. I'm thankful to get to work with her this year at TWHS.

Musa Popal was nominated by Mrs. Laurie Barr for “being responsible and building relationships”. She wrote:

  • Musa moved in after the start of the school year and we are blessed to have him in our class. He is the first to class everyday, he comes prepared, he asks great questions, he is always on task, he completes his work correctly, he works to explain his thinking to other students and his problem solving/reasoning skills are some of the best I have seen. Musa is a model student and deserves more praise than I can express. We are lucky to have him at TW.

Bella Isern was nominated by Mrs. Melanie Wilson for “being responsible and building relationships”. She wrote:

  • Bella is always on task, always completes her assignments and she participates often in class. Bella is respectful and even laughs at my jokes :-)! Bella is kind to everyone and doesn't hesitate to work with others during class. It is a joy to have Bella in class - keep up the great work!

The 3Rs - Cardinal Expectations at TWHS

There are three general behavior expectations at Thomas Worthington High School: build Relationships, show Respect, and be Responsible.

We define build Relationships as “to cultivate belonging”. It is our goal that 100% of our students feel connected to at least one adult that they trust enough to go to when they really need it. From our morning greeting as each student enters the building, to each teacher connecting with each student, to our Wednesday homeroom lessons, we strive to create an environment that is so welcoming - all are inspired to learn.

We define show Respect as “use appropriate language”. We work towards being mindful of the words we speak and the immense power they have on ourselves and others. We learn that the words we say, along with the time, setting, and location have an impact on others.

We define be Responsible as “to attend and be on time to class”. We are intentional about the value of showing up, being on time, and being present for ourselves and others.

Recognition of Others

Would you like to recognize the positive impact that a staff member or another student has had on your child? The PBIS team would like to give you that opportunity. Please take two minutes to complete this recognition form. Thank you!

Fall 2021 Ohio's State Testing (OSTs)

Thomas Worthington High School will administer Ohio’s State Tests (OSTs) as required by the Ohio Department of Education starting Monday, November 29 through Wednesday, December 15. Students and their parent/guardian will be notified by email with testing information that includes testing locations.

Who will participate in state testing?

Not all TWHS students will be participating in this round of testing. If your child is testing, he/she will receive an email indicating registration, test location, and other information. The registration email will also be sent to any parent/guardian listed in Infinite Campus.

  • Students currently enrolled in American Government during Semester 1 2021, will take the American Government end-of-course exam.

  • Students who completed summer coursework in any of the courses listed below may be eligible to take an OST.

    • ELA II

    • Math I

    • Math II

    • American Government

    • American History

    • Biology

  • Students who have already taken a test but need to increase their scores to graduate will be assigned retakes.

Can students practice for these tests?

Students can access practice end-of-course exams on the Ohio Department of Education Practice Test Site. Click here for the Practice Test Sign in. (Proceed as a guest user)

Please see the testing schedule below. If you have any questions, please contact Brett Shaffer at or Lou Thomas at

Testing Dates:

Monday - Wednesday Dec 6 - 8 - Makeups

Thursday, Dec 9 - Government

Monday-Wednesday Dec 13 - 15 - Government Makeups

Attention Sophomores Interested in DACC

Dear Sophomore Families,

Is your student interested in applying to the Delaware Area Career Center? Their online application is live. In order for students to apply, they must first complete a virtual tour to determine which program they would like to apply to. DACC's priority application deadline is January 14, 2022. Students are encouraged to complete their application with an adult to ensure they've thoroughly filled it out.

Questions? Please contact TW School Counselor Celeste Preisse at!

Introduction to College Planning Night for Juniors & Parents/Guardians on December 8, 6:30 p.m.

Attention junior students and parents/guardians - The TWHS School Counselors will be hosting our annual "Junior Night - The Journey from High School to College or Career" presentation on Wednesday, December 8th from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. in the TWHS auditorium. Junior students and parents/guardians are expected to be in attendance to begin planning for post-high school opportunities. Sophomore parents/guardians are welcome to attend as well. The presentation will include timelines for college applications, college admission expectations, standardized tests, and career exploration. Masks are required. We look forward to seeing you there!

Free Online ACT Crash Course January 14, 2022

This is an intensive crash course presented by Dr. Srinath Sampath of PrepAccelerator. Students will review some theory and technique plus a sample of important ACT question types from simple to complex. The 4 required ACT sections and the optional Writing section will be covered.

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Date: Fri., Jan. 14, 2022, 4:30p-9:30p

Length: 4 hours instruction + 30-min break midway + Q&A with parents and students

Participating Schools: Linworth Experiential Program, Thomas Worthington HS, and Worthington Kilbourne HS

Location: Online. Students will need stable internet access to attend the crash course.

Cost: Free

Registration Link:

Registration Deadline: Wed, Jan 12, at 11:55pm. Registration is first-come, first-served. There is a limit to the number of available seats.

Register for ACT Boot Camp February 6 & 13, 2022

Dr. Srinath Sampath of PrepAccelerator ( is returning for the 4th consecutive year to teach the 2-day, 15-hour ACT Boot Camp to Worthington High School students on Sunday, February 6, and Sunday, February 13, 2022. Students who attended the boot camp in previous years have seen a definite score improvement. The boot camp is open to all 9-12 grade students and will run from 8:15am to 5pm on both days.

An intensive, two-day training session open to Linworth, TWHS and WKHS students, will be taught online on February 6 and February 13, 2022. This opportunity will cost $200, a heavily discounted rate and will include handouts and a printed handbook that contains cheat sheets, test-taking tips, and over 900 drills with solutions in English and Math. Click ACT Boot Camp for more information.

Attention Seniors: Apply for the Diploma of Distinction

The Diploma of Distinction recognizes students for their excellence in academics, character, and service in one or more specific subject areas. In order to be considered for a Diploma of Distinction, please complete this APPLICATION by Friday, January 28th, 2022. Late applications will not be accepted. Diplomas of Distinction are currently available in nine (9) areas: Project Lead the Way (PLTW), English, World Language, Theater Arts, Musical Arts, Service Learning and Career Mentorship, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship Business Academy (EBA) and Science.

To be eligible, you must have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.5 (unweighted), and obtained senior status (minimum of 15.0 credits by January 5, 2022).

To see if you qualify, please click the following link for subject area criteria:

Questions? Please email Mr. Quart at

Seniors and Parents/Guardians Sign up for Naviance Now!

Naviance is a college planning tool for students to request transcripts to be sent to colleges, conduct college searches, and request letters of recommendations. Please make sure you have your email linked to Naviance as the School Counselors will send you emails about college rep visits, scholarships, deadlines, and more! Click Naviance 101 Video presentation or this document for step-by-step directions and more information about using Naviance.

Submit Your Senior Picture!

Senior Pictures must be submitted by Monday, January 31st, 2022

Submit your senior picture at Senior Photo Submission for the yearbook by January 31st, 2022.

Directions to submit your senior picture:

  • Your photo must be VERTICAL and in COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE
  • Please use a personal computer to submit your photos.
  • Only school-related props are allowed in portraits. No animals or pets (sorry!). Make sure your photo follows the TWHS dress code. No “selfie-styles.”
  • Senior Photo Submission Files must be named Last Name_First Name (it must be a *jpeg or .png)

No late photos will be accepted.

Class of '22: Important Dates for Ordering Cap & Gown

Parents of the Class of 2022: It would be extremely helpful if orders could be placed early due to production and shipping times slowing down the supply of our caps and gowns for the Class of 2022, ORDER YOUR CAP & GOWN NOW

**The final deadline to submit orders is January 31, 2022 to ensure delivery of your student's cap & gown in the spring.**

Buy A Senior Ad!

Deadline: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Purchase & Submit Ad

Send a special message to your senior! Show how much you care by surprising your senior with a personalized note and photos in their yearbook.

  • Baby photos
  • Childhood memories
  • Accomplishments

Questions? Contact:

Parents/guardians of seniors are encouraged to purchase a Senior Ad Page to feature their child in the yearbook. This page can include baby photos, childhood memories, and/or other accomplishments for your child. Click senior ad page examples for ideas.

⅛ page senior ad: $40

¼ page senior ad: $75

½ page senior ad page: $125.

Buy a Senior Baby Ad!

Submit a baby photo for your senior along with a message of congratulations.

Cost: $20 for a 1/8 page ad.

Deadline: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Click here to purchase and submit your baby ad!

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a baby ad in the 2022 TWHS Cardinal Yearbook! The cost is only $20 and proceeds help us create a quality yearbook that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Last Chance to get Senior Photos Taken by Lifetouch

Lifetouch will be be taking Senior Photos one last time

December 9th - December 11th

Valley Dale Ballroom

1590 Sunbury Rd.

Columbus, OH 43219

Sign up here -


Don't forget to order your 2021-2022 yearbooks!

Click HERE for more information.


Team Worthington Food Drive

Here's your chance to rise to the challenge of lighting up the holidays for our wonderful Worthington Community! Show us your team spirit by collecting some of the most needed items requested by the Worthington Resource Pantry. Your challenge begins today!

Suggested Items for Donation

Canned Vegetables - Canned Fruits - Canned

Soups - Healthy Snacks - 1LB Bags of Rice

instant oatmeal - Shampoo - Conditioner

Body Lotion - toothpaste - deodorant

Help your school's team rise to the top! All donations accepted until December 10th. The team with the most donations by weight will be declared this holiday season's


Donation Drop Off Station is located in the TWHS Main Office

Worthington Robotics Team Dine Out Fundraiser

Please support the Worthington Robotics Team by dining out on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Chipotle 6590 Sawmill Rd. Columbus, 43235. You must show the flyer or mention the Worthington Robotics Team.

Cardinal Theatre Production of 1776

December 10, 11 & 12, 2021

1776 puts a human face on the pages of history as we see the men behind the national icons: proud, frightened, uncertain, irritable, charming, often petty and ultimately noble figures, determined to do the right thing for a fledgling nation.

It's the summer of 1776, and the nation is ready to declare independence... if only our founding fathers can agree to do it! 1776 follows John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia as they attempt to convince the members of the Second Continental Congress to vote for independence from the shackles of the British monarchy by signing the Declaration of Independence.

**Tickets will go on sale December 6th**

***PLEASE REVIEW*** Before and After School Guidelines for TWHS Students

Your support in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated. The safety of our students is our number one priority.

Reminder: The gate located next to the tennis courts on Evening Street is closed during school hours.

Attendance Office Procedures for TWHS Students

Please notify the Attendance Office if you know your student will be absent from school. Call or email ahead to pre-excuse for appointments and ask your student to pick up a pass in the Attendance Office ahead of time – we prefer not to interrupt classes by calling rooms.

Call the 24-hour recorded line to leave a message at

614-450-6291, or you may send an email to

Attendance Philosophy & Procedure

Important information regarding your child's absence from school.

PTSO Online Auction

Get in the holiday spirit and shop local with our PTSO annual online fundraising auction. This is our ONE fundraiser for the year. Proceeds from this auction benefit all students via teacher mini grants to add supplies and experiences in the classrooms. The auction is live and will run through December 15th.

PTSO Membership 2021-2022

The PTSO represents the parents, teachers, and students of Thomas Worthington High School. We aspire to support our school's mission of supporting the education of students by fostering relationships among the school, parents, students and teachers.

There are many opportunities for parent(s) and guardian(s) to become involved at TWHS through our PTSO. Applications can be filled out online by going to the PTSO tab on the Thomas Worthington web site or by clicking HERE

PTSO Meeting Dates Set for 2021-22 – Please Join Us!

All PTSO meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the TWHS Principal's conference room (Room 127). Everyone is welcome - please join us! The 2021-22 meeting schedule is: January 18, March 15 and May 17.

TWHS Car Magnets

You can still purchase your TWHS Car Magnets for $6.00 (cash or check). A wide variety of magnets are offered. Please contact the TWHS Lady Cards Softball Program.

Athletic Passes

All 6th-12th grade students in the Worthington School District will be admitted free to home sporting events with a VALID student ID. Adult athletic passes and single game tickets are now available online by going to TWHS Ticket Page. Please note that no tickets will sold at the gate. Tickets must be purchased online.


COVID Guidelines

Covid 19 continues to have a presence in our community. Worthington Schools has adapted its policy for quarantine and removal of ill children to reflect those set by The Columbus Health Department.

As we return to a normal schedule with all students attending school daily it is extremely important to NOT send your student to school if they are sick and not feeling well. A daily health check is required for parents and students to complete each morning prior to school.

Daily Home COVID-19 "Before School" Screening

Guidance for Daily Home Screening

If your child develops or reports any of the symptoms listed below during the school day they will be isolated and a parent or guardian will be called for immediate pick up. Follow up with a health care provider will be required for your student to return to school. The COVID-19 protocols will be strictly enforced to ensure a healthy environment for our students and staff.

Your child needs to be kept home if any of the following symptoms are present.

  • Temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth

  • New or worsened cough

  • New onset severe headache

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Nasal congestion or runny nose

  • Vomiting or diarrhea


Thomas Worthington High School

ph: 614-450-6215 fax: 614-450-6393

FREE Meal Service Available for ALL TWHS Students for the 2021-2022 School Year

Students at TWHS will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch service. Students will be provided a traditional meal service with modified menu selections. If you have questions, please contact the Worthington Schools Food Service Department HERE.

TWHS School Calendar

Click on TWHS School Calendar to access the TWHS website calendar

December 6 - 8: Fall Ohio's State testing - Makeups

December 8: Junior Information Night - 6:30 pm

December 9: Fall Ohio's State testing - Government

December 10: Holiday Assembly - 3A/3B Bell Schedule

December 10: CPH Vaccine Clinic 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm, TWHS AUX Gym

December 10-12: Cardinal Theatre Production 1776 - 8:00 pm

December 11: CPH Vaccine Clinic 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, Perry Middle School

December 13 - 15: Fall Ohio's State testing - Government makeups

December 13: Regular Board of Education Meeting - 7:30 pm, TWHS

December 14: Staff Meeting - 3:15 pm

December 14: Choir/Orchestra Concert - 7:30 pm

December 21: End of 2nd Grading Period

December 22-January 4: NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

January 5: First day of Quarter

January 11: Staff Meeting - 3:15 pm

January 11: Worthington Robotics Team Fundraiser at Chipotle (Sawmill) 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

January 14: Free Online ACT Crash Course 4:30 - 9:30 pm

January 17: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 18: PTSO Meeting - 7:30 pm

January 31: Deadline to Submit Senior Pictures for the Yearbook

January 31: Deadline to Order Cap and Gown for Seniors

Thomas Worthington High School



Principal, Pete Scully


Assistant Principal (A-D), Emilie Greenwald


Assistant Principal (E-K), Todd Keenan


Assistant Principal (L-Q), Adrienne Carr


Assistant Principal (R-Z), Brett Shaffer


Dean of Students, Scott Gordon


Athletic Director, Molly Feesler


School Counseling Chair, David Quart


Registrar, Kate Weber


Location: 300 West Dublin Granville Road, Worthington, OH, USA

Phone: (614)450-6200

Twitter: @TWHS_cardinals