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September 2nd

September Team Challenge #1!

A Nordic Tale is finally here and oh, my - how beautiful it is!! Have you made your purchases and wondering what to do next?

Our first team challenge for September will help you! This week, all you have to do is complete the "Launch Checklist" - see below (or download the document here:! This checklist is essential for getting your September biz going. PLUS, by completing it, you will be shaping a successful holiday season for yourself!! Facebook message or text me when you have done each of these things so I can put your name in for the drawing!

Our team challenges this month will differ each week - which means you will have at least FOUR chances to win!!! I'm still deciding on what to giveaway (look books, business supplies, display items, new jewelry, etc) - so if you have a preference or a different idea, shoot me a message!

Good luck :)

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