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Acrostic Poems

Brave she was.

Rare she felt.

Impressive they thought of her as.

Ember was the color of her eyes.

Lovable she was.

Laughable she thought.

Encouraging she liked.


Rhymed Couplet

She taught him to read from the heart,

He thought it was art.

Happiness comes from you,

They won't make you feel blue.

She thinks she's ugly,

Oh how smugly.

They think she's tough,

She looks really rough.



Brielle is an

Energetically athletic person:

She runs fast...puts her heart in the game...and plays with all her might.


Free Verse

She was happy with her life planned out.

She had a career ahead of her.

She had a life of happiness and joy.

Then it all went downhill when she didn't have anyone in her life, besides books.


Repeat-A-Word Poems

She thought she was ugly.

She was a genius for a 7th grader.

She stood up for herself.

She always felt stupid.

She was getting bad grades.

She wasn't trying anymore.


I wonder how people talk.

Did we learn to?

Did we adapt to it?

I wonder if my crush likes me.

Does he feel what I feel?

Why do have crushes anyway?

I wonder who I will marry.

Will I like him?

How will we meet?

I wonder what my life will look like.

Will I have a good job, husband, and kids?

Would I be a good mother and wife?

I wonder when I will be a mother.

Who will be my husband?

What will my kids be like?

I wonder why people fall in love.

How do we fall in love?

Is love even real or is it our imagination as to what we want to feel?

I wonder!

I wish

I wish I have $12 billion to get a cure for every illness and disease out in the world.

I wish I could go back in time and alter the past, present, and future.

I wish that Africa could be healthy and full of food with good jobs.

I wish that people could quit being so self centered and rude.

And I wish that men will say what is on their minds.

I wish that I was queen. I would rule my kingdom well.

I wish that boys would be mannered and nice.

I used to... But now

I used to dislike my mom for babying my brother but now she makes him look like he's an egotistical little brat.

I used to be loud and obnoxious but now I'm shy, quiet, and oblivious to most people.

I used to spend all of my time outside playing and exercising all day but now I'm usually inside doing my homework or reading.

I used to think that reading was a waste of my time, so I didn't read often, but now I read a lot of books.

I used to feel happy almost all of the time but now I feel empty or close to empty as I can get.

Terse Verse

Famous Words From A Mother, "No Way, Hosea."

Little Boys Begging Like This, "Pwease, Geez."


President Obama

Loves a llama.

He thinks their cool,

He's such a fool.

Brielle Elizabeth

Became oblivious.

She climbed a tree,

Leave her be.


Good Girls go to College

for Rachel Platten's new album," Wildfire."

Good Girls around the world love her songs,

and they love the way she puts her words together.

Girls walked by her with confidence now.

They laugh and smile more when they have someone

helping them.