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Introducing Technology-Enhanced Teaching

Reflection questions

1) What was the added value of using technology for this teaching/learning task? What did it enable me/my students to effectively do?

Using technology is a must have of todays school.

2) Did I effectively integrate the technology into my lesson plan, linking it clearly to the learning objectives and syllabus?

3) Was the technology used to its full potential, and did I and my students have the sufficient digital skills to benefit from it? If not, why not, and how might I make sure this is the case in the future?

4) Did the technology support learner choice and personalized learning? Did students use the technology to manage their own learning, by choosing the appropriate resources or tools to support their work?

5) Did the way I use the technology allow the learner to be a co-designer of their learning, and not only a consumer but also a producer?

6) Did my use of the technology allow my students to go beyond learning traditional subject-based competences and develop more transversal 21st century skills such as collaborative problem solving?

7) Did I allow enough time for students to work with the technology, and what could I have done to make the activity run more smoothly?

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Participate in Code Week 2015

Module 2: How can TET competence be meaningfully assessed?

Self-assessments are essential for enhancing the quality of the educational process in school. I use them for having a valuable feed-back of my teaching way and it help me improving my work as a teacher in my class.

The e- portfolio is a very useful and useful idea nowadays. As any online tool the main advantage is the possibility to be use any time and in any place. The main disadvantage is no connection in the moment when you really need to use it. Anyway, I have to have a list of web tools to use them for my e-portfolio.

My experience of the tool

This tool is really useful for improving my teaching process.
I think it is clear and easy to use.
I was not surprised the level I got, I am on the good way, I hope.
I will evaluate whether a mentor scheme or an agreement with a colleague to function as a ”critical friend” may contribute to the learning activities functioning as originally intended. Systematic team cooperation concerning planning, reflections and assessment of the teaching process will stimulate development.

M4: My Learning Design