The Week Ahead

October 3 - 7

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Murry's New Toy

I have a Yorkshire Terrier named Murry who is unbending. When he gets a new toy, it’s all he can think about. He carries the toy with him wherever he goes. He forgoes meals and treats until he can no longer deny his hunger. At that point he carries the toy with him to the food bowl, and he tucks it underfoot - guarding it with all his might.

He plays with his new toy until he falls asleep - to the point I have to “pry” it away from him in the middle of the night.The next morning he literally bursts out of bed as if to say “Hello World! It’s me Murry! Let’s get up and play.” He then runs to the closet, looks up to the sky (aka the top shelf where I placed the toy at midnight) and waits for the toy to come falling down, and I swear, I swear he smiles.

My Murry has an unbending intent for life and his mission. Nothing, nothing gets in his way.

I know you are tired. I know the change in processes and procedures is overwhelming and let's be honest...frustrating! Some of you lost event plans, some of you have run into stumbling blocks when trying to book travel and some of you had to delay purchase requests due to missing budget line items. I appreciate your patience and your "unbending intent" for ESC 11.

I don't have a new toy to offer you, but I have this story of Murry. May his unbending focus on "what is right with the world" be of inspiration to you. There are so many "right things" happening here because of you! Let's make it a great week!

Happening this Week

Monday -

8:30 a.m. - IS Meeting (bring something to write with)

12:30 a.m. - Q&A Processes, Procedures

1:00 p.m. - Team (Department) Meetings

Tuesday - Purple Director/Coordinator Meeting

Wednesday -

Directors' Collaboration p.m.

Thursday - Instructional Leaders Retreat (off-site)

Please text if concerns or issues arise

Friday - Instructional Leaders Retreat (off-site)

Please text if concerns or issues arise


ESS Individual Goal Setting Meetings (early October; sign up in Google below)


Need a new laptop? Sign up here:

Please use the links below to sign up for your next Coordinator/Consultant Standing Meeting and your ESS Goal Setting Meeting

Time & Effort Org/Funding Codes

You should be receiving your new time and effort codes/orgs soon and while we’ll be discussing them at the Oct. 3rd meeting, I want to make sure you understand them all. Funding with the following orgs represents the percentage of time you should be working on your work through the lens of:

Special Education:

· 735

· 759

· 760

· 762

· 763

· 766

· 771

· 773

· 774

· 783

Title I

· 797

Title III

· 796

· 798

Focus Grant

· 702


· 781

· 782

· 784

· 785


· 751

· 792

Local funding is designated through 901

When printing, select the code that best represents the work you are completing