Christopher Columbus

Read to discover Columbus' journey to the new land

Edwin -Orihuela- Munoz

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Early life

Christopher Columbus was born at Italy in 1451. When he was a young man, he worked on ships that sailed all around the sea. The first time he got to Portugal was when he washed upon the beach. After that happened, Columbus decided stay at Portugal. He got a job there. His job was on a Portages ship. That ship took him north to Ireland and the ice land. But when he got back to Portugal he got a different job. His job was to work with his brother to sale maps, charts, and instruments used by sea man on their navigation. Then when he stopped working for his brother. He wanted to go to the indies for all the gold but instead he treated the people that lived there as slaves he also claimed the island as the queens and kings to prove himself .


on October 12 1492 Columbus and some men took small boats and went ashore. When they got there they knelt, kissed the sand and thanked god for the safe trip. He set up a cross. He claimed the land for Spain by putting a flag on the sand . He called the island San Salvador . the people of the land saw the ships. They thought that the ships looked like birds .Columbus believed he had reached the indies so he called the people Indians.These people were probably the Taino. Columbus and the Taino he give them beads and other little things. The Taino give Columbus some colorful parrots, balls of cotton thread, and a few pieces of gold. Columbus was sad there were no spices and very little gold in San Salvador. Columbus ordered his three ships to sail along the coast.


On May Christopher Columbus died on May 1506.