Westward Expansion

Kaitlynn Bono

Manifest Destiny Painting

The Doctrine that had the belief that it was destiny for the U.S. to expand throughout all of North America.


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Trails West

There were many trails west, from the Mormon, Oregon, and California trails to the Sante Fe trail. The were used to go to the west to find gold, land and religious opportunities. Some trails were for specific things and others were for complete others.

Texas Revolution

Settlers moved to Texas for lots of land.

The battle of Alamo is when troops advanced on the Alamo fort and slowly killed off everyone her defended her.

On April 21, 1836 the battle of San Jacinto took place only lasting 18 minutes.

Mexican-American War

The cause of the Mexican-American War was Texas gaining its freedom and what that meant.

The Bear Flag Revolt was when a small group of American settlers rebelled against the Mexican government.

The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the peace treaty between the United States and Mexico.

The Gadsden Purchase was a 29,640 square mile region the was bought by the United States in December of 1853.

I am Levi Strauss

I just opened my dry goods store in San Francisco last week. Its been pretty interesting, the people I see travel through here. There is tons going on in the city and the Gold rush is really picking up. I'm gonna be filthy rich thanks to those crazy miners.

I am a steamboat captain

People are going to San Francisco for all sorts of reasons. Most for gold. They plan on striking it rich and living the good life. Others want religious opportunities and more want land.

I am a 49'er


I miss you a great deal, but I feel good about this. I'm gonna get rich real fast and bring you and the kids here soon. The gold rush is picking up fast. There is a lot of people in the mine camps and kind of crowded and uncomfortable, but its the best place to be. I love working out with the other men in the streams. They've taught me a great amount about finding gold. I've found a few flakes, but nothing that would last more than a few months. I hope to be telling you we're set for life in my next letter.

Miss you,