The Ring Planet

About Saturn

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. Saturn is made up of 96.3% molecular hydrogen, and 3.25% helium. Saturn is a gas giant. Saturn's magnetic field is 578 times more powerful than earths. Saturn has about 62 moons, that's a lot compared to earths one. Saturn is 36,184 miles in diameter. It takes Saturn 29.48 Earth years to orbit the sun.

Saturn's Rings

Galileo was the first to see Saturn's rings in 1610. The rings are made up of ice and rock. Most rings are around 30ft thick one of the biggest of Saturn's 1 mile thick. Saturn's faintest ring, ring D is believed to be able to fit about a billion earths inside. Some of the particles inside the rings are the size of a house other particles are the size of a grain of sand.