Municipality in the province of Lugo, Galicia, Spain.


The name of the village is said to come from a legend (the most popular, although there are many and varied ), which says that one day a woman was chantadina Belesar the village , south of the town , carrying a large stone all the Ribeira Sacra. The woman was tired and said the following expression in Galician : «Ala, aí vos queda, chantada no chan» "which in Spanish means " Allah , there is you , stuck in the ground .

Local Heroes

Maria Jesus Mascareñas born in chantada and lives in Santiago de Compostela , she is proud of his town.



Currently , the town retains many Romanesque remains of the past. The majority churches and monasteries , one of the biggest attractions in town.

In chantada there are several places to accommodate