3D Design Software

Make High Quality 3D Designs in a Snap!

Tinkercad is a free, easy to use, website for 3D design. The click and drag features in the software make it incredibly easy to learn. Tinkercad is compatible with applications such as Google Drawings. You can also download your creations for 3D printing and Minecraft! People have made many items using Tinkercad, such as jewelry, toys, prosthetic body parts, and so much more.

User Friendly For All Ages!

Tinkercad can be used by everyone, kids, adults, hobbyists, designers, etc. It can be used to make toys, models, prototypes, and more! It is very easy to use partly because of Project Ignite which is a library of tutorials imbedded into Tinkercad. Project Ignite will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make incredibly cool designs.
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My projects

Links to example videos/pictures

Tinkercad in Minecraft-https://youtu.be/oyMh_cNzNgc

Uploading a pre-made file to Tinkercad-https://youtu.be/-zQ161BhSk0

Importing Google Drawings files into Tinkercad-https://youtu.be/5arafMkwV0o

Get Into Detail!

With Tinkercad you can make endless shapes and sizes that you can add as much detail as ever! The more time and energy you are willing to invest into learning Tinkercad and creating your projects, the more detail that is possible in your creation.

What I Learned From Tinkercad

From using Tinkercad I learned many valuable things. I learned mainly how to make a good 3D design. I also learned what 3D printing is and how it works. It was not frustrating to learn and has that enjoyable factor that many programs lack.
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