Sodus Elementary School Library

2015-16 Year End Report

How many items have been signed out?

8,095 items have been used during the school year.

What has been going on?

*We ran a Reading Incentive Program in April. The Pete the Cat Reading Challenge was a great success!! 84 students participated and read for over 36,000 minutes all together!! WOW!!

*Of course we are always working on the collection. We have finally finished weeding in the Picture book section!!

PreK classes

Students have enjoyed stories about bears, springtime, birthdays, and sign language. Students have been very responsible with borrowing library books and look forward to taking their borrowed book home next year in kindergarten.

Kindergarten classes

Students have read folktales and expressed in writing or pictures what happened at the beginning, middle and end. They have learned about factual topics such as biographies and animals. They have recorded in words or pictures some facts they learned and also some things they are wondering about the topic.

First Grade Classes

Students have enjoyed books about earth science, animals, the Liberty Bell and pioneer life. Students have recorded facts from the books to answer a question. They have created more questions about things they are still wondering about. They have also recorded opinions about the topics.

Second Grade Classes

Students used the World Book database to read an article about an insect of their choice. They circled important facts, wrote paraphrased notes on an organizer and presented some facts to the class.

Third Grade Classes

Students finished up a mini-research report on how wolves hunt. They used a database article to collect info on an organizer and then published a paragraph to show what they learned. We then focused on some stories written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco. We finished up the year by looking at using websites to find information. Students learned to be careful using websites, because they do not always contain reliable information!

Lena Johnson, Library TA

Jennifer VanKouwenberg, Librarian