famous football adam

By:lyle reeves

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football Adam

Lyle:When did you start sports?

Adam: 2006.

Lyle:When and where did you start sports?

Adam: Levy Park.

Lyle:How much do you practice?

Adam: 30 times a month.

Lyle:Why did you start this sport?

Adam: it's fun.

Lyle:Why don’t you practice all day?

Adam: school.

Lyle:How long have you ben doing this?

Adam: 6 years.

Lyle:When did you start liking this sport?

Adam: when I was 6.

Lyle:Why do you like this sport?

Adam: running is why.

Lyle:Who was your coach?

Adam: coach Kieth and coach Kevin.

Lyle:When did your coach start working?

Adam: 2006.