The World According to Garp

By: John Irving


This book is about a young boys life name T.S. Garp. His mother, Jenny Feilds, is a very independent woman who always wanted a child but never wanted the ties with a man that came along. She was a nurse in a Boston hospital during World War 2, this meant she had tons of patients who were soilders. Technical Sargent Garp was a small man who was a turret gunner in the gunner ball of a Bomber plane. He was admitted to the hospital with severe head injuries and was going down fast. It was the perfect situation for Jenny, a man who was an orphan, was about to die, and didn't know what was going on because of his injuries, an opportunity she couldn't pass. Jenny Feilds impregnated herself by Tech Sargent Garp and then later gave birth to her baby boy T.S. Garp in honor of his Father. Most of this book is about Garp growing up in an all boy school called Steering Academy where his mother was a nurse at. At Steering he has many adventures and experiences, a lot of them were dangerous too. In this book you get to read all of those stories and what he though of his beloved mother.


To be honest I am not completely done with this book but so far I love it. You never know what to expect when your reading because there's always another story about Garp. The book has lots of adventures and twists within the stories as well. I would suggest this book to people, but I must say the beginning is weird and in some parts of the stories it's Raunchy. Overall though it's a real good book.
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Favorite Passage

“The history of a city was like the history of a family—there is closeness and even affection, but death eventually separates everyone from each other. It is only the vividness of memory that keeps the dead alive forever; a writer’s job is to imagine everything so personally that the fiction is as vivid as our personal memories. ”

This is a quote from the book and this is one of my favorites because it is so true.

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