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In this article I will be telling you about the seven strands about Germany. The seven strands are History, Government, Geography, Economics, Innovation, Citizenship, and Culture.


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Fun Facts

Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich are the Germany. in these cites there are many exciting places like Rathuas. Rathuas is an Grand town hall way. Berlin is the Capital of Germany. There is also three oper house that stiil work in Berlin. They are called Berlin Staatsqaterter, Deutsche Oper Berlin, and Lxomiscle Oper. The largest river in the world flow s through Germany, and that Rivers name is Danube. It is also located in the south of Germany. Also the Average temperature in Germany is 38 f and 72 f. Most people of Germany live in Berlin, because it is flat land and has good soil. Two types of transports they use are street car, and trains. They usec tickets called S-Bahn to use the street cars and the trains, or buses.



Germany has a democracy called "A Constitution of a United Germany". The Government is a Limited, and the current leader is Joachim Gauck. Also people in Germany have some slimier rights as the US. One of them is voting for their president. The German Bundestag is the law-making branch in the legislation in Germany.



The currency in Germany is called Euro, and I dollar from the US is .90 Euro. One of the top exports of Germany are cars. Also one the things Germany imports from the Us are vehicles. Also the GDP of Germany has been decreasing and then increasing, like during 2008 and 2010. it had decreased a lot, but it increased in 2010. In my opinion for if Germany is more wealthy than the US is "it's not". Cause Germany has only have a few ways of transport, and on the other hand the US has many ways to transport. Also US money is greater than Germany's Euro.


Social & Ethnic Groups

For Ethnics Groups there are Germans ( 91.5%), Turkish (2.4%), and other (6.1%). Also the Social group has three groups. They are Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lower Class. All children have to go to school and they start and end just like in the US. So it is K - 12. The literacy rate in Germany is 99%. Also from the Information I can conclude that Germany is mainly Germans and that they are kinda like the middle ages. Like lower class ( Serfs), middle class (Knights), and Upper class (nobles). Also if you were wondering the ethnic groups have never fought before.


Religion, Language, Country Flag

Most people in Germany speak German( 95% ). Also the two manly religions practiced is the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church. The flag of Germany was made in 1919, until the Nazis took control. After World War two the flag came back. Also The colors on the flag are black, red, and gold. The black represents a eagle, red represents the red claws and beak, and the gold represents the eagle on a gold field.


Traditional Holiday or Festivals, traditions Clothing, and Food

In Germany they celebrate what we do in the US, so Christmas, Easter, New Year's Day, Valentine's, and Mother's Day. Also in Germany they celebrate them at the same time we do in the US. ALso the dress the same as us in the US. A food they eat in Germany is called Eierkuchen, Which is a pancake.
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Data Maps, Data Graphs

The two pictures below show population density and the per capita income of Germany. The population show how people spread out and then group up in one area. Like let's say I lived in an area where there isn't many people there. Then one day I want to get a good job, so I will move to a more populated place like Berlin. Also the per capita one shows where people in certain areas get more money. Just like my other one, if I am not getting enough money to pay taxes and rents. I will move to a place with more income.
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