Presque... Whats the word again?

Hunter Epps ( Presque Vu )

Presque Vu - What it is and why I chose it

Presque Vu is the failure to remember something, but you feel you are close to recalling it. It is commonly known as the word on the tip of your tongue. I personally chose this topic because I can't stand that feeling, but love it at the same time, and I personally feel this topic will allow me to research more about it to understand.

Presque Vu - Brain

There is no definite reason yet, but the belief that I trust is the direct-access view, and this states that each word and definition have a strong memory bond between each other, and occasionally this bond is broken, and you can't recall the word.

Reasearch & Psychologist

Roger Brown and David McNeill were the first to do an experiment on this topic, and they wanted to determine if this was an actual feeling, or just an illusion. They read definitions of words to subjects, and asked them to recall the original word, and this proved that this wasn't a illusion, and that in fact this was a real psychological impulse in the brain.

Other Interesting Things Realted To Presque Vu

Personally, presque vu occurs very rarely for me, and I can't really explain why. It also is known as a sensation that occurs in your brain, and pleases it, due to the fact that you have to reach deep in the brain to find that specific word. Another interesting thing that was found during a experiment was that the subject could recall synonyms, definition, and the first few letters of the word, but couldn't say the word itself.

Scholarly Book

Traxler's Introduction to Psycholinguistics is a book that states the meaning of almost all science words, including Presque Vu. Traxler states more information about this phenomena than I can.

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