EA Address

a monthly update for reading interventionists

Welcome to the Address!

Where would our schools be without you? There would be no lunch or recess, no band-aids, few reading groups. You are critical to our schools success. The nature of your jobs makes it hard for us to connect in a regular way for professional development. Your schedules are all different and you are such an important resources that every minute of your time is committed to helping our students, teachers and schools. Enter the EA Address. The address is a tool I will use to share with you professional development in reading, behavior management, tips and tricks for supporting students. We rely on you, thank you for all that you do to support our students. ~ Jenni

Anita Archer Guru of Explicit Instruction Demonstrates Other Options

"Often teachers [and EAs] use round-robin reading, calling on individual children to read. But the disadvantages are well-known...: 1) reduced amount of reading practice as it is distributed across children, 2) voices that cannot be heard, 3) embarrassed low-performing children, 4) off-task students, 5) management challenges emerging in the void, 6) boredom, and 7) many more that you can add. In this video, Dr. Archer just reminds us of some of the other possible passage reading procedures. Though she does these in quick succession for purpose of a short video, these practices would often be used for subsequent rereadings of the passage in a large or small group." ~ Explicitinstruction.org

Click on the Beyond Round Robin Reading title to move the Anita Archer's website and 7 minute video of other direct instruction options for struggling students.