British Army

conditions of service

Basic Salary

Territorial pay

As a Territorial soldier, you get paid for each quarter day of training. The pay scale that you’ll be on is based on what a Regular soldier with the same job and rank would get. So as a new soldier recruit, you get £35.04 for a full day, but this rises to £43.54 when you finish basic training. And if you’re a graduate officer cadet, you’ll get £62.07 a day. Remember that this increases as you get promoted and gain experience.

Regular Soldier

Regular soldiers receive over £272 a week in Phase 1 training, which rises to at least £17,514 a year depending on which Army job you do. Some roles get specialist pay, which can be worth at least an extra £19 per day. Your salary will increase annually as your career continues, regardless of promotion and extra responsibilities. Within five years you could reach the rank of Sergeant and earn up to £32,756.

Regular Officer

You can become an Regular Officer whether you’ve been to university or not. If you don’t have a degree you’ll earn a salary of £16,073 while you train which rises to £24,615 when you are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. As a graduate you start training on £24,615 and will earn at least £29,586 afterwards. Either way, if you’re still serving in the Army after five years you could be earning at least £37,915 as a Captain.

Salary Progression