Algebra 2 & PreCalculus Newletter

A newsletter from Mrs. Davis

Happy Friday!

Hello Parents,

I thought I would give a newsletter a try this year. I'm Mrs. Davis and I have your student(s) in my Algebra 2 or PreCalculus class. Algebra 2 and PreCalculus are difficult courses so I'd like to use this newsletter to send extra resources, for both you and your student. I'll gear it towards the topics we're studying. My email is below if you ever need to contact me. Have a wonderful weekend!

Algebra 2

We have been reviewing Linear Functions in order to begin our next unit on Linear Systems. In this unit we study how to solve linear systems by several methods, graphing, substitution, eliminations and matrices. Here's an extra resource from cool math dot com for an overview of linear systems, click here.


Next week we will begin our 2nd unit about Compositions of Functions and Inverses of Functions. We started compositions last year at the end of Algebra 2, so this should be a bit of a refresher. We also started inverses last year, however we ran up against the end of the year so it may seem a bit new. The cool math dot com website has a great explanation of both, if your student needs extra help. Click here to see it.

Online Textbooks - Algebra 2 and PreCalculus

Great news! Our online textbooks are ready to be launched, I'll start having students log in next week. I have their log in information and password and will set a day next week for us to get familiar with it in one of our computer labs.

Tutoring Times

Monday 3:20-4 pm

Tuesday 7:35-7:51am

Wednesday 7:35-7:51am

Thursday 7:35-7:51 am & 3:20-4 pm

Friday by appointment only