Resources for Teachers

DED 318

Arts and Crafts- Dot to Dot Puzzles

This is a fun website full of dot to dot puzzles to entertain students and also have them create a picture using their number skills.

50 States

This is a fun way to learn all of the different states and ways to memorize them as well.

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Commonly Confused Words

This site will help you distinguish between words that are confusing and explain the rules for the different words, and how they work.

Betsy Ross House

Learn all about Betsy Ross, who she was and why she is important all in one website!

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom at Mesquite Elementary School


Learn about adjectives in playing the classic game- Guess Who!


A site to learn all about the Birch Aquariums. This will help get more information about how they work, what they are made of, and how to keep them up!

Physical activity sample videos for elementary students from Fitness for Life: Elementary School