Our job is a curious?

social welfare public officer (senior social welfare).

What work do you do?

# Our job work as a nation or local public institutions.

(I manage complaints in the field).

Who do you help?

# I help everyone in need.

# I help usually children, women, the aged people and disabled people.

What kind of company do you work for?

# I work at Gwangju City Hall.

Where is your job located?

# My job is located at 1200, Chipyeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju city.

How can you get there?

# I using the bus go to the City Hall.

# I was use a taxi and go to the City Hall.

# Unfortunately, the subway to City Hall are not runnig.

What are the best points of your job?

# My job is retirement system is available.

# I can learn the volunteer spirit and sacrifice.

# I am proud that you were working for the nation.

# I feel so proud you that I work for people's well-being.

# My job is constant work time.

What do you want to imporve the welfare of the part?

# Now becoming an aging society have gone.

So the welfare for senior citizens I hope we care more.

# Currently, many weak people are abused.

So we must develop more abuse prevention program.


# Hyea in : The final exam assignments through the meaning of my job to know and know about location, work enviroment, employment objectives. And fellow and a good opportunity to share ideas that can foster cooperation ability. Finally my dream job because I can get one more step to meaningful and happy time.

# Seong eun : My dream is anwered by imagining that this subject. Usually as writing a plan to achieve the dream. However, on this task, feel very fresh and good you spend on the assumption that dreams come true. Where we could get closer to the dream time.