By Victoire

Social Media

Social media is something that allow people to contact, exchange/share/post information or/and post pictures/videos on the internet. People use social media to get hold of people's personal information.
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How this may affect our future

Social media has gotten hold of most of this generation's young people, more people are joining and some are giving out some of their personal information. It could lead to loads of things such as causing people getting arrested.

What are the dangers of being online?

There are many dangers of being online such as:

The risk of being cyber bullied

The risk of having your account hacked

What are the consequences of chatting and meeting up with a stranger you have met online

If a stranger adds you online you should NOT accept it because they could be anybody, also they could just want to add you because they want to find out your true identity or you personal information- including your address.To prevent this always put your account on private and only accept requests of people you know
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Ways to avoid the dangers online

To avoid these dangers if anyone asks to meet you online inform and adult in case. If you post something online, a post or personal information, it will still be on the internet, this is called a digital footprint. Also if you are suffering of cyber bullying you need to inform parents, close friend,s or trusted ones, there are also communities like Childline that you can talk to.
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Digital Footprint

Digital footprints are traces and 'footprints' that you leave online. This means that anything you post online will still be there even if you delete it. Everyone can have hold of your pictures if your account is not on private
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