VCR 5 Presentation #6

Patrick O'Connor

Fill In the Blank With the Best Word From Unit 5

Magic tricks, including pulling a bunny out of a hat, are a common form of ______________.




1. sleight of hand; magic tricks

2. any trickery or deception

Synonyms and Antonyms


  • deception
  • trickery
  • magic


  • openness
  • plainness
  • artlessness


1. The magician's performance of legerdemain captivated the audience.

2. Legerdemain performers are common in many festivals and carnivals.

Extra Information:

  • In French, the phrase "leger de main" directly translates to "quick of hand."

Exercise B: Choose the Incorrect Usage

A) Card tricks are one type of legerdemain.

B) The magician's legerdemain was poor, as the audience could clearly see the secret to his trick.

C) Legerdemains are useful for raising or lifting objects.

D) Jim watches videos on YouTube to teach himself legerdemain.


"C" is incorrect. In that sentence, the correct word would be "levers."


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