Tractor Safety

By:Levi Martin, Nathan Ferfecki

Why is tractor safety an issue?

Tractor safety is a issue because the operator is not listing to the rules of the road and dangered not only the operator but people around the area.Also people don't obey the rule of staying away from PTO [power take off] and getting wound up in them. Causing death or severe injury.Also injury's accrue when people do not wear there seat belt just like in a car.

5 stats

1. 750 farm workers are accidentally killed each year.

2.Tractor rollovers account for more than 50 percent of tractor-related deaths.

3.Other tractor-related accidents occur when the operator or bystanders are run-over by a tractor, become entangled in the power take-off (PTO), fall from tractors, and are involved in highway accidents.

4.Many tractor-related injuries can be attributed to unsafe tractors: those tractors that are old and poorly maintained, lack safety guards and devices, and steer, brake, and drive in an unpredictable, dangerous.

5.Farm tractor drivers should avoid this

unnecessary hazard by inspecting their tractors regularly for potential dangers.

6.Also from tractor roll over with tractor without [ROPS] a tractor without cab.


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5 ways to prevent unsafe tractor use

1.Always wear your seatbelt when on roads

2.Always brakes are locked on roads

3.Always that hydraulic hoses are covered

4.Always have a PTO cover as seen in video

5.Always have hazard lights on roads

6.Look to see if tractor needs maintenance

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