The Threat Against America


9/11 is one of the most memorable dates known to Americans. It was the day that the national security of the country as whole was threatened. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. The event killed 2,996 people, including the 19 hijackers and 2,977 victims. There was also a third plane that hit the Pentagon.


Reporters and the media as a whole use very selective word choices when writing and/or covering a story, because as the journalistic society knows simple word manipulation can effect on how a story is perceived by the public. Nuclear missiles soon became ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

War became ‘conflict’. Winning was too loaded a term. Nations preferred not to win, but to ‘prevail’. ‘First strikes’ and ‘second strikes’ masked the full impact of a provoked or unprovoked attack.

In addition to word manipulation the media can also use many words that will associate a person with an organization or political faction to create a familiarity associating a person with a more well known aspect of the coverage. When the coverage of events of is following a presidential decision, such as the declaration of war, the media has a significant impact on presidential popularity due to the journalistic reverberation of events. Word manipulation is distinct part of Propaganda put forth by the media to inspire the public to react a certain way towards our Commander in Chief.

How It Historically affects Us

Since the day of the attacks our security at airports have been heightened. We no longer view people from the middle east the same. We are always questioning their motives. We now judge Muslims for a crime committed by a few radicals. Muslims are being portrayed in a negative light, because every story that is currently on the news is of the radicals. The media has instilled a fear into all of us making second guess every time we aboard a plane and see a Muslim. We will never forget the lives taken as we commemorate survivors those who have fallen every year on 9/11.
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When the attacks happened many were in denial that such a tragedy could happen to America. People created conspiracy theories for the attack. One conspiracy was the government was behind the attacks to scare Americans into their hands. Many were saying President Bush had the idea to create a planned demolition of the buildings.

Another conspiracy theory was that there were planted bombs in the buildings because they did not fall over to the side.

9/11/01 - CNN News Coverage 1st 5 Minutes

My Perspective

The country was attacked by radicals on 9/11. What really happened to the towers will only we known by those who were their to experience the event. The conspiracy theories don't add up and there will always be people who are going to be against the government. I have no other choice than to believe what the media tells me to believe.