Benjamin Franklin Bressler

My great grandfather

Important Events in His Life

During his lifetime he wittenced the two World Wars. He served in the First World War and the Second World War. The Great Depression was also during his lifetime.
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His life

He was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on July 29, 1891. Where my family has lived for over a hundred years. As a young child he moved to Ohio Valley. Later in life he moved to Whittier, California, and lived there the rest of his life. He died in Whitter, California in 1979.


He was married to Elizabeth Bressler. Together they had three children, Phylis Ann Bressler, Benjamin Juinor Bressler, and Robert Bressler.

Interesting facts

  • He was a tennis pro when moving to California
  • After world war 2 he worked for Union Oil Company
  • Before the war he was an accountant
  • For the Union Oil Company he created the first credit union
  • His family lived in Lancaster County for over a 100 years
  • His first relative came to the US in 1740, so he didn't immigrate, his family came for religious freedom escaping Germany