Guten Morgen!

Ich bin Cameron!

Ich Bin Cameron!

Meine Leiblings sind--

Lieblings song-Blackbirds (Linken Park)

Lieblingsessen- Pommes Fritz ( French Fries)

Lieblingsgetrank- Apfelsaft (Apple Juice)

Lieblingsstier- Eule (Owl)

BlackBirds - Linkin Park (Lyrics)


Hallo! Ich bin Cameron, Ich bin 17. Ich haben schwarz haare. Ich spiele Gitarre. Meine beste freunde sind Hanna und Flamser.Ich trage ein gestreiften pullover. Ich lebe mit meiner Mutter in den Bergen.

What i've learned

  1. Angela Merkel- The Chancellor of Germany, She was the first female chancellor of Germany as we know.
  2. The Cold war brung many against each other at the Berlin wall, which separated Germany for a very long time, and each side was not able to go onto the other for that to them would have been "Betrayal" but luckily that ended and the Berlin wall fell making Germany one again after the wars coldness and brung Germany back to civilization once again.