Fifth Grade News

Issue #26 March 10 - 14

Upcoming Events for Crozet 5th Graders

  • Send in your Yearbook Message ASAP!
  • Due to weather, the March 11th and 12th Writing SOL will be moved to Tuesday, March 18th, multiple choice and Thursday, March 20th, direct writing. Our SOL testing will begin each morning at approximately 9:15.
  • Please return the Remember the Titans permission sheet - we'll begin viewing the film on Thursday
  • Please send in a snack with your child. The PTO provides snack for needy families and supplies are running low.
  • March 14th-Talent Show
  • March 20th - Community Night -5:30-7:30
  • April 10th - Jamestown/Williamsburg field trip!
  • Richmond Science Museum postponed, date TBA
  • Pamplin Park Trip postponed, date TBA

SOL dates:

Writing-March 18th and 20th-Please note new dates!
Social Studies-May 6th
Science-May 8th
Reading-May 14th
Math-May 29th and May 30th

March 20th, 2014 - Community Night!

This year each grade level will showcase their part of our school's Design 2015 project - Building Community with Contagious Curiosity & Creativity through Wonder. We want our students to grow in their understanding of being connected to our world through many relationships--with people, with our environment, with our local community and across the globe. We encourage families and the community to see our students' products. Come and be a part of this Community Night between 5:30-7:30 pm to support our students, socialize with friends, and enjoy local foods!

Crozet Elementary presents....School House Rock Live Jr.!

Our musical production this year will be School House Rock Jr., a lively blast-from-the-past song and dance about learning (remember the preamble song from long ago?) Mrs. Agee is helping with the production and we are thrilled with the fifth grade participation!


We are summarizing, making connections, and discussing sequence in our guided reading books. Students are recognizing figurative Language and decoding new words through their knowledge of root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Math Corner

A couple of skills are being reinforced at this time:

Multiplication and Division with Decimals. Can you say that three times really quickly?

Students should remember to only align decimals in addition and subtraction problems.

Determine Least Common Denominator (LCD)- adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

Add, subtract, and compare fractions and mixed numbers.

Word Problem Strategies:

Polya’s four-step plan:

– Understand: Retell the problem; read it twice;

take notes; study the charts or diagrams;

look up words and symbols that are new.

– Plan: Decide what operation(s) to use and

what sequence of steps to use to solve the


– Solve: Follow the plan and work accurately.

If the first attempt doesn’t work, try

another plan.

– Look back: Does the answer make sense?

From the Science Lab of Mrs. Agee

We're continuing to classify living things. Did you know that a Swedish botanist, Carl von Linne, began work on the classification system that we still use today?

You can also visit the Science page on our website to explore more resources at:

From the Historical Perspective of Ms. Deal

We are continuing the Civil War unit. This week we will look more closely at some key players of the war; Robert E. Lee, Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Jefferson Davis. Students will also better understand Virginia's role in the Civil War and how many critical battles were fought right here on Virginia soil.

*Due to snow, we are canceling the field trip to Pamplin Park that was scheduled for this Thursday. I really wanted students to have a chance to experience this awesome Civil War site. Hopefully, in May we can reschedule the trip.*

From the Writing Desk of Mrs. Garbaccio

Be on the lookout for mechanics and grammar reinforcement practice this week.

Students generated a response to the following prompt on Friday and we will use this work in class to revise and edit. Think of your favorite place to eat. The location could be at home, school, a park, a restaurant, or another place. Write to explain why this is your favorite place to eat.

It is always helpful to remind students to give details, begin sentences with a capital letter, end sentences with punctuation, and capitalize proper nouns.

I encourage this above template for organization.

Final Thoughts...

The Central Idea

A central idea is not a word.

It is not pieces of things you’ve heard.

You take a topic such as fate…

or love or joy or sadness or hate,

And create a sentence with that clue,

That describes the whole story through and through.

It’s the fundamental thought within your story.

Now go and create—in a hurry!