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Celebrating Excellence

Proof in the Progress

Can you believe there are less than 70 instructional days remaining this school year (not including combined testing days and holidays)? As we kick this year off we are excited about all of the gains we have made with students over the course of the first semester. ACP scores came back and the proof of your hard work is in the results. Students beamed as I visited classrooms; with smiles on their faces they shared their new increased reading levels, walls were decorated with data and DOL trackers to mark the gains students are making in classrooms, and teams have been planning relentlessly to intervene and push our Stallions even further in the remaining months . Each person in the building has contributed to the overall success of our student's education, and it is because of your dedication that our students can declare they are on a path to excellence.

Educator Spot Light: Ms. Brown

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Ms. Brown stands in front of trophies earned over the past few annual Music Memory contests. Students learn 16 classical music selections in preparation for this contest and they are prompted to name the selection after only hearing sometimes as little as an end note from the selection. Last year Alex Sanger took home 2nd place in this competition. This speaks to the dedication and hard work Ms. Brown has put in.

Ms. Brown shared that a proud moment in her educational career was when she helped a troubled student learn to play the guitar. The student had several social emotional issues and a very low sense of self worth. Years later the student informed her that he had started his own band with his high school peers and was doing well. The skills she taught him became a life long talent and a positive coping strategy. Moments like these let educators know that our work is not in vain.

Outside of work here at Sanger Ms. Brown has begun working with an at-risk youth teaching him to play an instrument. Ms. Brown is a true example of an everyday silent hero making her mark through Music education!

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