Technology Core Notes

January 2019

Big picture

Level Up Technology Integration

These one-page collections provide quick start ideas to promote student collaboration and original content creation using TCS Technology Tools for almost any learning target in a variety of content areas.

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Middle School

High School

TCS has set aside a classroom space in each cluster for piloting, exploring, and storing innovative instructional equipment. These spaces and materials can be used to explore innovative practices and provide a collaborative space for professional learning.

The equipment can be checked out but must be used in collaboration with your technology coach and some restrictions apply. Details are at

Equipment at Each Site

  • Available Now: 3D Printer, Chrome Tablets, MIDI Keyboards

  • Available Soon: Breakout Kits, Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Kit

Podcast Challenges

NPR is holding a podcast challenge for students in grades 5-12, and we hope TCS will have lots of entries! Podcasts are a great opportunity for students to work collaboratively to create original content around any standard or learning target. Entries are due Mar 31, so there is plenty of time! Your instructional technology coach would be happy to help. The details are at

TCS is holding a parallel podcast challenge for elementary students, so every student in the district can participate. The details are in this linked document.

There are numerous voice recording apps you can use. Two to consider are Voice Recorder (an extension that students can add in Chrome) or Vocaroo .

Can't wait to hear your entries!


Lightspeed Classroom Updates

You may have noticed that the Lightspeed Classroom app has disappeared from Clever. There have been some issues with the data syncing process that takes class information from iNOW to Lightspeed Classroom. We are actively working on that issue and hope to have it resolved by February 1. When the new app appears in Clever it will have a different look and may require a second login. We will send more information when we have it. Thank you for your patience.

Technology Equipment Purchases Reminder

Remember to use the Technology Purchasing Guide for school and classroom funds. It provides the requirements and a list of appropriate options for schools and employees to consider when they are planning technology-related purchases with local, Title, donated, state, PTA, and other funds.