Hate List

By: Jennifer Brown

Novel Summary

One ordinary day Valerie's boyfriend, Nick shoot and killed and injured many people. While trying to stop the shooting Valerie was shoot in the leg and saved a classmates life. Nick and Valerie created a list of everyone that they hated. The list was used to pick Nick's targets. After a summer full of pain and sorrow, Valerie had to go back to face her school and all her classmates for her senior year. She learns how to get through her rocky relationships and makes many new friends. She does things that she never thought she would ever do, like getting involved in a memorial. She has to make many hard decisions to move on with her life.


This story takes place in Valerie's high school. It is mainly in the cafeteria/commons. The shooting takes place where they meet in the morning which is the commons area. The story also mainly takes place in Dr. Hieler's office where Valerie goes for therapy and counseling.



Valerie- She was bullied by many people in her school. She used to be very close to her brother but the shooting separated them. She was shoot in the leg by her boyfriend, Nick. After the shooting no one was her friend and everyone wished she died too.

Nick- He killed and injured many people the day of the shooting. He caused many problems for Valerie one being he shoot her in the leg. He shoot all those people and Valerie had nothing to do with it but many people thought Valerie thought of the idea to shoot all those people.

Other Characters:

Dr. Hieler- he helped Valerie get through all of her problems

Valerie's mom- she caused some problems for Valerie one of them that she never believed in her.

Valerie's dad- he cheated on Valerie's mom and caused their marriage to break apart. He will never forgive Valerie for what she did.

Christy Bruter- she broke Valerie's MP3 player and that is what drove Nick to do what he did.

Jessica- she was never friends with Valerie until after the shooting because she saved her life. They became very close and helped Valerie through everything.

About the Author

Jennifer Brown grew up in a suburb called Lee's Summit in the Kansas City area. She grew up talking and playing with her imaginary friends. She never wanted to be a writer, but instead she wanted to be a teacher. In 4th grade she wrote a story and shared it with her grandma who loved it and told it to her aunt. She has always been writing ever since then. She has been inspired by the many places she's been to and the adventures she goes on. She is now married and has three children.

Her inspiration for writing the Hate List was was a Nickelback song called "If Everyone Cared." She also got her inspiration from being a mom to a child who is in high school. She wondered how she could stop school shootings so she wrote this book. The deepest way she connected with the story was her personal experience. She was bullied as a kid for all of junior high and the first half of high school. She was always the target and the subject of all of the rumors and gossip. Her reason for writing this book was because she wanted to help stop school shootings and put awareness out there about these types of situations.

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Personal Recommendation

I though this was very good and I didn't want to put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone who is mature enough to read curse words. I would recommend it because it shows a way bullying can push someone to do something traumatic. Another reason I would recommend this book is because it was very interesting. Finally because I never wanted to stop reading it and it was very easy to understand.