NC Unemployment Rate

As of October 2014, our unemployment rate is 6.3%

-It decreased as of September, which was 6.7%, resulting in a .4% drop

-Due to the decrease in only a month, and comparison with other states, NC is doing pretty well

Comparison with other states

Virginia's unemployment rate is 5.3%, 1.0% lower than NC

Georgia's unemployment rate is 7.7%, 1.4% higher than NC

Florida's unemployment rate is 6%, .3% lower than NC

South Carolina's unemployment rate is 6.7%, .4% higher than NC


As a whole country, the US has an unemployment rate of 5.8% as of October 2014

Comparison with nearby countries

Canada's unemployment rate is 6.5%

Mexico's unemployment rate is 4.9%

Past years

In the past, the US unemployment rate has been way higher than it is now. In 2011, the rate was 9.3%

So right now, our country is doing good compared to our past history of a high rate.